Personal on-line portfolio industrial design 3d modeling and rendering - High technology for wellness in human habitats - Laboratorio di design per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di tecnologia destinata all'aumento dei parametri vitali e al benessere psico-fisico, negli ambienti abitati - Massimo MarrazzoINDUSTRIAL DESIGNER Industrial Designers improve the outward form and functional design of manufactured products as well as plan their packaging and trademarks so that products may compete favorably with similar goods on the market. Industrial Designers combine technical knowledge with artistic talent

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Biodomotica® has a special interest on design useful objects for human habitats and on wearable technology. Objects are thought to interact with the body for daily use or for read information about health level. My inspiration is a friendly technology to improve psychological and physiological wellbeing levels. More health, more happiness.
Now I'm developing a new section about nanotechnology.

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E-paper technologies and new concept for e-book readers.

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