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A FOLDABLE (and transparent) WORLD
These devices are not yet available but are NOT sci-fi.
The technology will be available in two to threeyears

Features foldable electronics

Printed electronics and nanotechnology will rule and change the world before than you think. Forget what have seen so far about electronic gadgets: printed electronics is coming with new unbelievable features. This products will be thin, light, without wires, flexible, water-proof, shock resistant, low energy, solar recharge and recyclable.

This technology will be out of laboratory and completely available in three to four years, so it's not too early to think how the nanotechnology will change our life and how interact with invisible electronics. For this reason I'm trying to study now for understand limits and possible new applications.

From this new technology we are waiting great benefits for the ambient not just new toys to buy. So is also necessary think at the economic and ecological production and at the recycle.

Important is also the comparison of different possibilities for the same function (example: Electrorheological Vs Magnetorheological fluids or different layers and materials for ultra thin solar cells).

If could be available a global standard for printed electronics maybe will be possible for anyone design his PC and get it in a external specialized print service. One time was "1hr photos" soon will be "1hr PC".

Transparent and foldable electronic is a part of the coming printed electronics and these forecasts are my personal point of view:

Electronics should be user-friendly and eco-friendly, cheap and standard.
Some products will have only 2 dimensions. If you want 3rd dimension is possible use packaging technology (boxes) or glued printed electronics sheets or print directly on surfaces of 3d objects.
Philosophy of product designer is going to be more near to fashion designers or graphic designers: products thinked as dress, using ribbons and sheets.
Transparent and thin means not only invisible electronics but you can also customize it with your creativity.
Help and tutorial "how use it" are visible on the products' surface.
With "artificial muscles" inside is possible move, vibrate or open printed sheets.
Using surface's treatment like gecko's paws is possible shape or attach devices everywhere.
Solar nanocells recharge devices by sun or infrared rays.
Without wires for electric energy is possible use it everywhere.
Neither fall nor water can damage our precious electronic friend

For more info I'm writing an e-book with technical data about new technology.

E-book last update: January 2012  -   5Mb + 0.7Mb
printed electronics nanotech foldable trasparent
printed electronics nanotech foldable trasparent
Excerpts from "a foldable world"
printed electronics nanotech Customizable transparent cellphone
Opened external side with keyboard and solar cells
printed electronics nanotech Customizable transparent cellphone
Closed with earphone inserted
printed electronics nanotech Customizable transparent cellphone
Night version (opened)
printed electronics nanotech Customizable transparent cellphone
Customizable transparent cellphone
printed electronics nanotech Customizable transparent cellphone
Camouflage version
printed electronics nanotech Customizable transparent cellphone
Night version
printed electronics nanotech foldable laptop
Foldable laptop
printed electronics nanotech foldable electronic sheet
Foldable electronic sheet (here in GPS menu)
printed electronics nanotech glasses with zoomable lenses
Glasses with zoomable lens and photocamera
printed electronics nanotech radio tuner
Radio tuner with loudspeakers shaped in tubes